As we all know, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are launching in Malaysia in 3 days time. I had the chance to use it for about 1 week recently and here’s a quick update on some of the things about the phone that makes me go WOW.

In no particular order, here goes!

1. The screen

That 6.2″ screen on the S8+ is really stunning. As we all aware, this phone has the thinnest bezels amongst all the smartphones we see in the market currently and this actually makes the S8 and S8+ stand out.

Don’t forget that this phone is the same size as the iPhone 7 Plus.

2. The camera

From the specs of the phone, the rear camera seems to be exactly like the one on the S7 Edge. But according to Samsung, there are actually software improvements on the S8 camera.

Well, I have to say the photos turned out really really awesome. Colours pop. Autofocus is lightning fast. Sharpness and dynamic range is top notch. Here’s a sample:


3. Photo gallery

So I was just fiddling with the photo gallery and I was suprised to see the extensive features included in the editing suite. There are options to add masks, labels, text, and also the capability to alter the colour and exposure graphs of a particular photo that I am viewing. You really need to check it out yourself to know what I mean.

4. Always on display

This feature is not exclusive to just the S8. The S7 Edge has this as well but somehow, with the almost non-existent bezels on the S8, the pure black always on display looks damn good especially at night.

5. Video experience

The screen ratio is 18.5:9. This means the display is longer than all the videos currently available on Youtube, Netflix, etc. But we can always tap a button to expand the video to utilize the whole 6.2″ of the screen and when it does, it looks stunning!

So there you go. Some of the things I mentioned above might not interest you but if you are as excited as me about all 5 things above, then you should probably go check out the S8 when it comes out on 5th May.

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