If you are looking for a new smartphone that does not come with a ‘Notch’ at the top of the display, the Mi Mix 2s might just be your selection.
That said, some of you might not even be aware that Xiaomi has launched the Mix 2s here in Malaysia.

Here are 5 things that you should know about the device:

1. Design

The Mi Mix 2s is made of ceramic back that features a four-sided curved design along with a metal frame. It’s probably one of the most premium materials ever used for the back of a smartphone as most of the ones we see now are made of glass and metal.
Ceramic is also believed to be able to withstand shock and hence it will less likely to break.

2. The display

When you first lay eyes on the Mix 2s, you will notice a difference. That’s because there is no notch and the 6″ screen stretches from the top corner of the phone to the bottom with almost no bezels on both sides and top.
The screen is of 18:9 ratio and has a resolution of 2160×1080 FHD+.


One of the most notable features of the Mix 2s has to be the AI powered camera. Just point it at your subject and the phone knows how to change the camera settings to fully bring out the best of your photo.
The rear camera has a 12MP sensor and 4-axis stabilisation. Did you know what it also scored a 101 mark on DXO?

4. Dual speakers

This might not be the most important feature for you. But for those who love watching movies or playing games on the phone, dual speakers play a big role on a day to day basis. Not many phones out there come with dual speakers nowadays, especially one with almost no bezels at the top of the display.

5. Gestures

My personal favourite. If you notice, I actually disabled the 3 Android buttons at the bottom of the display. This is because on the Mix 2s, we can replace with with gestures.
Swipe up to go to home screen, swipe from the left of the screen to go back to previous interface, etc. Super intuitive and does not lag at all.

The Mi Mix 2s is now available for purchase from Lazada and authorised Mi Store and Mi Zone for:
– RM1999 (64gb)
– RM2199 (128GB)

For more info, click to https://www.mi.com/my/mix2s/

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