Up until now, we couldn’t see much of Apple’s brand new ‘spaceship’ building in Cupertino since the completion of it. They have been quite discreet and all we could witness to date is just the Steve Jobs theatre.

Picture source: Siliconbeat

The Steve Jobs theatre as we know it is an underground, 1000-seat auditorium intended for Apple product launches and press meets. They recently held the iPhone XS and XR announcement there.

So what about the rest of the Apple Park? How does the walkways look like? Or the cafe? The lounge maybe? No one knows.. or rather… there haven’t been publicly shared visuals or videos from the inside, up until now.

In a video uploaded yesterday titled “iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR — Guided Tour”, we can see an Apple employee walking us around while giving a tour of the new iPhones. Although they didn’t reveal much, we can actually catch a glimpse of some spots like the cafe, the outdoor park areas, etc.

Check out the video below for more!

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