This app is perfect for Malaysian car buyers.

Buying a car has always been a hassle to many. The process of looking at classified ads, asking friends, or driving from one car sales to another often takes up a lot of time and is never a pleasant thing to do.

That’s also why I personally dislike the idea of changing cars until recently when I thought, “Hey, it’s 2017. There should be a simpler way digitally to assist us in this process.”

Then I found the app.

The app comes from the popular car buying-selling website of the same name in Malaysia, and the app actually is very friendly to use.

As seen above, there are already some recommendations of cars for people who are just browsing or just looking for options that fit their style, needs and budget.

There’s actually more to the app than that.

There are a few ways to search for your desired car. A simple search on the search bar of the home page will bring up general results but if you know what colour, make, year and other details that you want in your future car, the advanced ‘filter’ search will comes in handy.


Here’s a killer feature of the app. You can MESSAGE, CHAT, and CALL the seller!
This means you can ask your questions and receive answers from the seller without having to wait. Talk about convenience at your fingertips.

So there you go! An app that must be installed in every Malaysian’s phone cos you never know when you will need to buy or sell a car 🙂

Download the app now on Apple iTunes store or Google Play Store now!

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