This morning I woke up and just like every other days in my life, I grabbed my phone and opened Instagram. After checking my notifications, I wanted to reply to some comments on my latest photo and I was shocked.

I was shocked to see little hearts on the right side of every comment under my photos. I thought to myself, ‘This is bad. Another Facebook feature added to Instagram’.


In case you are not aware, Instagram has just added 2 new features to the app:
– The ability to like comments
– The option to turn off comments for your posts.


Yes we know that Facebook has bought over Instagram but why can’t Instagram be as pure and simple as before? Many people actually choose to be on Instagram because it’s easy to use, fun to browse and not cluttered with unwanted features.

Just to refresh your memory, here are some recent changes to Instagram:

– June 2016: Algorithmic timeline introduced. With this change, we were not able to see all the posts published by people we follow. Instead, we are only shown some posts that Facebook (yes I say Facebook) thinks we care about. WHAT BULLSHIT IS THIS?

– August 2016: Just to defeat Snapchat, Instagram added ‘Stories’ feature that is an exact copy of Snapchat’s core feature. TOTAL LACK OF INNOVATION.

– November 2016: Again, to further copy Snapchat, they added dissapearing messages and Live videos. The latter is a feature from Facebook. SO YOU WANT US TO GO LIVE ON FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM NOW?

– December 2016: Comments now look like those on Facebook whereby users get to like and reply individually. AGAIN, WE DIDNT ASK FOR THIS TO BE IMPLEMENTED ON INSTAGRAM.

With all the changes, we can clearly see that soon it will become another Facebook. OK more like Facebook with Snapchat features.

The question is, do we need another Facebook? Why can’t we have a simple photo sharing app to showcase our creativity to people we follow? Why can’t we see all the posts from people I follow? What’s the point of following people then? Why do I need to Like comments under my photos?

Perhaps, I have too many questions and feeling a little too irritated by how sell-out Instagram is nowadays.

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