As a tech enthusiast, I switch between Android devices and iPhones very regularly. Every time I use an Android device, I would put the Google Calendar widget on my home screen.

It’s my goto calendar widget because of 2 reasons:
– It displays a monthly calendar instead of a list of calendar events
– It lists out all events for all the days in my month without the need to click on any of the days.

But when I am on the iPhone, the Apple calendar widget doesn’t give me any of the requirements above. But since last year, I have found the one and only app from the iTunes AppStore (yes I’ve tried almost all of them) that provides the 2 most important things I need in a calendar widget and I’ve been using it since.

Behold, the one and only calendar widget app you need on the iPhone; WIDGETCAL!

As you can see in the photo above, all my daily events are listed in grids of the monthly calendar. It gives me the ability to quickly glance through all my appointments and schedules without the need to scroll around.

Full day events are listed in a colored bar which is easy to spot. It also has 2 arrow buttons at the top for users to click through previous or upcoming months, all within the widget itself. Perfect!


Don’t like the appearance? Just click on settings in the app to pick from a palette of colours and background patterns! I personally prefer to stick to dark theme with no pattern.

It also syncs with your Google or iCloud Calendar. For those who needs Lunar or Korean calendar details, it can be switched on with just a tap in the settings menu.

So there you go. If you have been looking for the perfect calendar widget for your iPhone (or iPad), check out WidgetCal.

WidgetCal; FREE.

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