The leaked photos and the rumors about its features were real!
The Mate 20 Pro from Huawei looks exactly like what we have been seeing from photos circulating the Internets prior to the launch on 16th Oct.

So anyway, I was at the launch in London and I got to play with the device for a bit and thought I’d share my first impressions about the Mate 20 Pro.

– Display: 6.39-inch OLED, QHD+ HDR
– Camera: 3 cameras on the back: 40MP main camera, 20MP ultra wide-angle camera, and an 8MP telephoto camera.
Selfie camera 24MP.
– Processor: Kirin 980, 7nm chipset
– Memory: 6GB RAM, 128GB RAM
– Battery: 4200 mAH


At first glance, the Mate 20 Pro looks like a Samsung device but upon closer look, it actually has multiple design cues that makes it truly unique.
The most significant one is the back camera system. 3 different cameras and a flash are placed in a squircle shape format and they call it the four-point design. I personally like how they are placed as it gives the back face a very clean overall look.
The Emerald Green and the Midnight blue versions come with minuscule diagonal lines that enhances the grip. Huawei calls this the ‘Hyper Optical Pattern’ and I really like the execution of this, but note that you won’t get this on the Twilight and Black variants.

The curved display comes with a notch on top. Again, the dual curved edge mimics the one we are familiar with on Samsung devices and the notch looks a lot like the one on the iPhone X.

I personally am a fan of flat screen displays so this curved one is not something that I am attracted to.


I am super glad that Huawei ditched the monochrome sensor for an ultra wide angle one (who takes monochrome photos anyway?).
The default camera has a 40MP sensor and that sounds amazing.. but what I wanna highlight here is the ultra wide lens. This 20MP camera takes REALLY WIDE ANGLE photos and it’s perfect for capturing sceneries, architecture and group photos in a tight space.

Since this is just a first impression article, I can only tell you that I am very very impressed with the ultra wide angle lens.

Here are 2 ultra wide angle photos I took in London. The low light one was taken using NIGHT mode.

See what I mean? The ultra wide angle photos look really sharp and vibrant. By just looking at these 2 photos makes me excited again. Haha!

Oh by the way, the 24MP selfie camera is quite wide as well but somehow beautification effect is applied by default even though I turned it down to 0. Will share more regarding this in my full review.


The screen on the Mate 20 Pro is quite long. At 19.5:9 aspect ratio, it is by far the longest screen I’ve seen in the market currently.
Colours are vibrant and feels more natural than the ones on Samsung devices. I’ll share more on this in my upcoming review article.

Again, you’ll like this screen if you are a fan of curved displays which I am not.

Most Remarkable Feature

The Mate 20 Pro comes with A LOT of features that you didn’t even know you need. For example:
– AI portrait video whereby we can isolate and desaturate colours of surrounding and just leave the human subject in colour.
– 4200 mAH gigantic battery (even bigger than the 4000 mAH one on the Galaxy Note 9).
– 15W wireless quickcharge, by far the fastest wireless charging available.
– 40W Supercharge which gives 70% of charge in just 30 minutes.

But the one feature that made me go WOAHHHH.. is Reverse Wireless Charging.
The Mate 20 Pro can wirelessly charge another phone! This is really a mindblowing feature that shocked many people at the launch keynote. I personally tried it to wirelessly charge the iPhone X and it worked very well.

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Click here to watch the full video by TricycleTV.

The Mate 20 Pro costs RM3599 and comes in 3 colours; Emerald Green, Twilight and Black. Each purchase comes with Huawei’s latest fast wireless charging pad and it’s while stocks last.

So there you go, my first impressions on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Got a question regarding this device? Leave them in comments below are I will try to answer them in my full review article.

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