I have been a Snapchat user for about 2 years now and have always loved using it to share instant updates to my friends and followers. With the addition of Bitmoji stickers back in July, I was pretty much engrossed with using them as it gives a very personal touch to my Snaps.


As much as I have been snapping my life away, the updates were only viewable by people that I added as friends. That also means only about 20-30 people have access to them and I like it that way cos you know, you can never be too public when sharing “behind-the-scenes” stuff or “unfiltered” visuals to strangers.

Then Instagram Stories happened.

It was launched on 2nd of August and although it’s true that the feature is a complete ripoff from Snapchat, it actually kinda makes more sense to have that “imperfect sharing” feature on Instagram than on a totally separate app.

“Which should I use? Snapchat or Instagram Stories?

It’s actually a hassle to be handling 2 apps that do the same thing. I find myself asking a question everytime when I want to share an update; “Which should I use? Snapchat or Instagram Stories?”

Well, after much struggle of recording the same thing twice just to entertain both sides of the crowd, I realised that the people who have been viewing my Snaps are on Instagram as well! So why do I have to trouble myself to perform a repeated task?

We can actually view updates from people that we are stalking following

Then I started posting more on Stories and neglected Snapchat. The views are a lot higher on Instagram Stories too. That’s because people don’t have to add you in order to view them, unlike Snapchat.
I know, I know. It beats the point of me trying to keep my updates private in the first place but I guess we are all victims for Social Media attention.

Oh, Stories is also more fun that we can actually view updates from people that we are stalking following.

Guess it’s just a matter of time before I uninstall Snapchat from my phone, just like Pokemon GO.

Are you still using Snapchat? Let me know your thoughts on this in comments below. 🙂

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