Let’s cut the story short from the introduction of Huawei’s Nova series… cos if you are reading this, you probably are aware of the mid range series of smartphones targeted at millennials.

The latest in the family is the Nova 3i and this time around, it joins the rest of the smartphone trend by cutting bezels and adding a notch at the top of the screen.

nova 3i screen

The screen is now 6.3 inches and if you have seen the previous version which is the Nova 2i… well this one is 6% larger. If you are into numbers, then you will enjoy the fact that the screen ratio is 19.5:9 and the resolution is 2340 x 1080.

nova 3i back

Here’s the most interesting thing about the Nova 3i. The back glass design.
Similar to the P20 Pro, the 3i comes with a blue-purple gradient colour glass back and it looks really really really stunning. If this beautiful photo I took still cannot convince you of it’s beauty, then you should really go check it out in stores cos it’s really captivating.

nova 3i camera

So what about the camera?
Well, it is the first device with 24MP sensors with Ai and 4 cameras. That’s a mouthful but basically what they are trying to say is that the selfie camera comes with AI as well.

The front camera comes with 24MP lens and an additional 2MP sensor to measure distance. This is to achieve bokeh effect when taking portrait selfies.

nova 3i ai

AI technology now comes to both front and back cameras. Just point the rear camera to an object and the device will automatically change the camera settings to match the scene you are about to capture.

For selfies, the AI + HDR Pro comes in handy especially during backlit situations. This is to ensure that even though the background is bright, your face is still visible and clear.


With so many camera pointing to the front and back, it’s hard to believe that they never use them to create more features for the young people.
QMOJI is the new way to create animated faces for your day to day chats. Just point the selfie camera to yourself and switch on AR LENS. You will then be greeted with multiple animal and cute faces which you can then pick to control its movements using your face expressions.

In case I missed some numbers, here are additional specs for you specs buffs out there:

Back camera: 16MP + 2MP dual lens
Front camera: 24MP + 2MP
Processor: Kirin 710 with AI (Quad core) with enhanced DSP + ISP
Network: Dual 4G, Dual VOLTE
Memory: 4GB ram + 128GB ROM
Battery: 3340 mAH

The Huawei Nova 3i will be launched in Malaysia on 19 July 2018 and will be available in 3 colours: Ibis Purple, Red and Black. For the unboxing, do click to http://youtube.com/smashpop

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