To be honest, I was never interested or excited about the Galaxy A series at all before this. To me, it’s just a mid-range series and I always want the best and the most awesome devices from smartphone brands.
In 2016, I was crazy about the Galaxy S7 Edge as the camera produces really good quality photos, not forgetting the dual curved display and the water-resistant feature.

Towards the end of the year, I was super hyped about the Note 7 but then we all know what happened to it… so yea.

Just 3 days ago, I attended the launch of the 2017 version of Galaxy A7 and A5. The setup of the event space was eye opening and very very impressive. It’s like we were camping in some forest with waterfall and… but this article is not about that haha. Let’s move on.

Dear Samsung, Y U NO PUT THIS IN NOTE 7 or S7 EDGE?

OK so Samsung Malaysia announced the Galaxy A (2017) and I find myself loving the phones A LOT. Apparently, they have added a lot of ‘flagship’ level features to a supposedly mid-range series of devices.

The A7 now has a 5.7″ Full HD AMOLED screen. I love big screens. So this is a big plus point. Both the A7 and A5 also come in a very familiar design. Metal frame with glass front and back. Just like my Galaxy S7 Edge. I thought to myself, ‘hey these look so much like last years flagship device.. is this the new flagship for 2017?’.

It didn’t end there. The camera (front and back) sports a 16MP sensor with F1.9 aperture. BOTH CAMERAS HAVE F1.9 APERTURE! Did I mention that the front camera has a 16MP sensor?

The main key selling point for both devices is IP68 dust and water resistant. They can be submerged in water up to 1.5m for about 30 minutes. That’s perfect for adventurers or people who love taking selfies and videos underwater! Don’t forget that this is a mid-range phone series that I previously wouldn’t want to lay eyes on.

Speaking of the cameras, Samsung has also added a much needed feature: Floating camera button. Super convenient as we don’t have to limit ourselves to pressing that camera shutter button on the bottom/right side of the screen anymore (depending on orientation). Dear Samsung, Y U NO PUT THIS IN NOTE 7 or S7 EDGE? But anyway, it’s a software feature so I hope in future they will add this to the S7 Edge via firmware updates.

At the launch event, I was also able to try out Samsung Pay for the first time. These new Galaxy A devices support Samsung Pay and it was super quick and easy. I love how I can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to launch my cards and tap it to the card reader to pay for stuff. (Watch the video below for a demo).

The new A series come with very nice colour variants too. Black, Gold, Light Blue (coming soon) and Peach (coming soon). As a person who loves colours, I definitely would get the Light Blue version if given the chance.

With all these ‘flagship’-like features, it’s hard to think that the Galaxy A series is just a mid-range phone. It even has features that were not found in the S7 Edge and Note 7. So now I’m confused.
Oh by the way, the A7 is RM1,899 and A5 costs RM1699 and is available starting 25 January onwards.

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