OnePlus has always been producing phones with really high specs at a really affordable price.. well at least their first 2 phones, the OnePlus 1 and OnePlus 2.

This year, they released the OnePlus 3 and even though there isn’t much marketing done by the company, people have been saying that it’s the most powerful Android smartphone for its price.

It’s undeniably powerful, looking at the 6GB RAM, 5.5″ screen and a 16MP back camera. For about RM1.8K, there really isn’t any other phones in the market that can match its specs.

But anyhow, let’s look at 5 very important aspects that makes a good smartphone:


The OnePlus 3 is made of full metal with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 on the front. It looks rather boring when it comes to the design department but the built is definitely top notch. It’s also quite heavy, which is good cos it makes the phone feel premium.

Buttons are very clicky and solid. Not wobbly. I personally am not a fan of the antenna lines at the back. Never liked those on the iPhone as well.


The screen is at 5.5″, which is the same size as the S7 Edge and the 6s Plus. There’s nothing to complain about the size as 5.5″ seems to be the default screen size now for flagship phones.

At full HD resolution (1920×1080), photos are clear and interface looks very sharp as well but not sure if it’s me but I feel that icons and texts are not punchy enough when compared to the S7 Edge.

The screen is also not bright enough. Even at maximum brightness, the screen looks very dim under outdoor lighting.

Not sure if it’s my hand or the OIS just isn’t good enough.


The 16MP back camera is great. It’s better than I expected given the price of the device. Photos are sharp, colours are accurate and focusing is fast as well.
Under low light, there are actually slight noise especially on the dark areas.

It has manual settings, so you will find the usual controls like ISO, White Balance, Exposure, etc but not like we will use them anyway. Everyone would just whip out the camera and snap photos straight away.

Some sample photos:

I’m so used to the built-in OIS on the S7 Edge that the one here feels non-existent. I could barely feel it and photos are sometimes blur. Hmm. Not sure if it’s my hand or the OIS just isn’t good enough.


There wasn’t any obvious problems here with the battery. It lasted me a whole day of usage from 10am onwards. The DASH fast charger is fast but not as fast as how I dreamt it to be. lol

Interface is very snappy and fast. I have not experienced lags or other issues throughout my review period.



Let me say this. The fingerprint scanner IS THE FASTEST IVE EVER TRIED IN MY LIFE! Everytime I unlock the phone I go WOW!

There’s a secret button settings that changes the whole interface to BLACK. It’s called Dark Mode. It’s cool.

The mode switcher on the left is cool too. It has 3 modes. Push all the way up to ON all sounds. Push to middle to allow Priority notifications only and push all the way down to mute.

It’s got the USB-C port instead of the usual Micro USB port. I’m not a fan. Never liked it on the Nexus 6P. Don’t like it on the OnePlus 3 either. BRING BACK THE MICRO USB PORT PLEASE!

If you are lazy to read all the above, you can watch my video review here:


The OnePlus 3 is a great Android phone with superb specs. Great camera, average screen and has some quirky gestures and features that make this phone a little bit more fun (despite the boring outlook).

For RM1.8K, it’s actually not SUPER cheap for an average Malaysian but there really isn’t many smartphones out there that can match its specs at this price, so yeah.

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