In a recent announcement by the Malaysian government, petrol prices are updated weekly and petrol stations can freely set their individual pricings for RON95, RON97 and DIESEL.

This is definitely a negative news for people in the country as it will be a difficult task to scout for the station with the lowest price.


To solve this issue, a local developer has built an app for users to discover & report nearby petrol stations along with their respective petrol prices.

In conjunction with the Malaysian spirit of “I help you, you help me”, MyPetrol is here to help Malaysians combat increasing petrol price via crowd-sourcing!


‘MyPetrol’ works pretty much like WAZE. Anyone can update the listings of any petrol station and it will be displayed to everyone looking for a petrol station around the area. Users can also filter the results according to petrol station brand, fuel types and locations.

Sadly, the app is only available for Android devices and iPhone users might just need to get a second-hand Android phone in order to enjoy the convenience of this app.

You can download MyPetrol now on the Play Store.

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