I’m sure by now you would’ve gotten some friends, colleagues or family members whom have been contemplating on getting the Galaxy Note 9.
Since the announcement, Samsung has been hyping the fact that the Note 9 can last longer, which allows users to actually do more without worrying about the battery life.

The claims are true as the Note 9 has a whopping 4,000 mAH battery which is one of the most attractive features of the device. With that big battery, you can almost get a 1.5 to 2 days of usage without worrying about finding a charger to replenish the juice in the middle of the day.

So here’s the problem. Samsung’s latest 6.4″ phablet is also too expensive for many people. It costs about RM4K on average depending on which configuration you get. To be honest, it’s basically the same thing as the previous Note with a bigger battery and storage capacity. So if you are actually planning to spend that amount of money just so that you can have a new phone with big battery, don’t.

If you haven’t heard, Xiaomi has recently launched a new sub brand called POCOPHONE and their latest device, the F1 boasts a 4,000 mAH battery as well, just like the one on the Galaxy Note 9. It also comes with a 6.2″ screen and 6GB of RAM.
Guess what? It starts from only RM1,299 and packs a lot of flagship specs and features as well.

Before you start assuming that this is a paid article by Xiaomi, it’s not. It’s purely my opinion on spending money to get a phone with big battery.
Previously, it’s hard to actually find a smartphone with battery that can last more than 1 full day. Now, we have 2 options… or rather… 2 obvious and more mainstream options; the Galaxy Note 9 and Pocophone F1.

From my casual/basic usage of the F1, the phone can last about 2 days. Yup, 2 days.. with some Facebook, Instagram and Camera usage.
The F1 also sports a Snapdragon 845 chipset, which is the same one being used on the Note 9. Dual cameras and the display are no less inferior than the Note 9 as well.

But of course, when you spend RM4K on the Note 9, you’ll get the S-Pen, curved ‘Infinity Edge’ display, water resistance, wireless charging and more. But if you are only looking for a good smartphone with big 4,000mAH battery, Pocophone F1 is definitely the recommended choice.

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