Before we begin, let me just say that the Galaxy Note7 was one of the best phones I’ve used in my entire life and it’s such a waste that we are not able to enjoy this amazing device anymore.

OKAY so if you have been on the look out to get a new phone and was planning to get the Galaxy Note7, don’t be sad cos there are some devices out there which are very similar in technology and features that you can consider.
Here are 4 recommendations that you can check out.

1. Galaxy S7 Edge

It’s probably the closest thing to the Note 7 currently. It has a slightly smaller screen at 5.5″ (Note7 has a 5.7″ screen) and the exact same 12MP camera. That means the photos taken on the S7 Edge looks exactly the same as the Note7. It’s water resistant too, just like the Note7.

Yes yes, you won’t get the S Pen but maybe the idea of having a bigger battery which promises longer usage compensates for that?

The S7 Edge was launched early this year and is still Samsung’s best and most advanced device after the Note7 (which doesn’t exist, theoretically) so yea. You can read about my experience with it here.

2. ZTE Axon 7

I’m sure your first reaction is “WTF is this Axon 7?!”

Well, that was my initial impression as well but after using it for few weeks, all I can say is that it’s probably the next best thing after the S7 Edge.
Great 5.5″ screen, OLED as well, like the Note7. It has one of the best front facing dual speakers among all the devices that I’ve tried before this. Supports external memory card and not to mention, the 20MP camera that captures superb shots and videos.

You can read about my experience with the Axon 7 here.

3. Huawei P9 Plus

Remember that smartphone with Leica dual camera? Yup, that Huawei P9 plus. It’s an amazing Android device as well if you are looking to get a smartphone with great camera, in this case ‘cameras’.

The dual lens is able to take very detailed black and white shots and natural looking colour shots. Just like the other devices mentioned in this article, the P9 Plus also has a 5.5″ screen which is very sharp and has vibrant colours.
I especially like the finger gestures that is introduced on this device to help on certain day-to-day tasks that are not found on the Note7.

You can check out my thoughts on the P9 Plus here.

4. iPhone 7 Plus

Okay so this is kinda off the same category as the Note7 as this one runs on iOS and not Android but hey, it’s currently the best and newest device from Apple and has a 5.5″ screen and 12MP camera as well!
It’s also water resistant and supports all the apps from the Android world. It probably has more apps that you can choose from on the App Store compared to Google’s Play Store.

There’s also a portrait mode on the camera which allows us to capture dSLR-like photos with blurred background. Definitely one thing that the Note7 cannot do.

If you have not tried iPhones before in your life, maybe this is the time to try, since it’s impossible to get the Note7 anymore. If you figured that iOS is not your thing, the Galaxy S8 will be launching next year and you can probably switch to that.

Here’s a camera comparison I did between the iPhone 7 Plus and the Galaxy S7 Edge.


So there you go, 4 options Malaysians can look at since… the amazing Samsung Galaxy Note7 is officially dead from explosions.

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