We all know what happened to the Galaxy Note7 last year. But what’s more important is to actually find out the reason why it happened.

According to Samsung, out of the 3 Million Note 7 sold, 96% of them have actually been returned and in these few months, 700 researchers have been trying to replicate the issue using more than 200,000 devices and 30,000 batteries.

The findings led to 2 factors that were caused by 2 different batteries.


In the first battery, there was an electrode deflection (which basically means short circuit).


In the second one (which was used in the replacement units), there was an abnormal weld spot which led to fire and ended with explosions.


Because of this experience, Samsung is now implementing a new 8-step testing process for its batteries. These processes include durability test, visual inspection, X-ray, charge and discharge test, Total Volatile Organic Compound test, disassembling test, accelerated usage test and Delta Open Circuit Voltage test.

Here’s a video posted by Samsung to sum it all up.

Knowing that they are putting so much effort into ensuring safety and quality, I am really excited about the Galaxy S8!


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