If you were watching the iPhone 7 keynote back in September, you would’ve known that everyone’s favourite game character, Mario is coming to iPhones and iPads by end of the year.

Nintendo just announced yesterday that it will be launched on 15th December. Before you get too excited about this, note that there is a good news and a bad news.


Here’s the bad news.
The game will cost $9.99. That’s almost 44 Ringgit! Looking at the price tag, it is considered one of the more expensive games to be sold on the App Store. Just for your information, the current popular game “Plants vs Zombies Heroes” is FREE, “Minion Rush”, a well known runner game, is also FREE. “Space Marshal 2”, which is a more comphrehensive strategy game, only costs $4.99.
Charging $10 is almost like forcing users to pay a load for a simple game just becuse of the brand.

Here’s the good news.
Super Mario Run will feature 3 different modes, which are free to try. To get the complete experience, you’ll then get to decide if you want to pay the fee of $9.99.

Are you planning to get this game when it is out? Do you think the price tag is too cut-throat?

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