So I’ve been trying out the Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone X for a while now and although both are flagship devices from the respective brands, I realized that the Galaxy Note 8 can actually do a lot more things than the X.

Amongst all the extra features that are available on that 6.3″ phablet from Samsung, I actually kinda like 4 of them the most, in which all 4 of these features are not able to be achieved by the 10th-anniversary device from Apple.
Before I continue, I just want to mention that this is not a paid article.

Now let me go through them with you. First off, jotting quick notes.

I’m sure by now you know the Note 8 comes with a stylus (which is called the S-Pen). It’s definitely convenient for note taking or to sketch on the go. But one of the most convenient thing about it is that I can write notes on the screen even though it is not activated(unlocked).

All I need to do is to remove the pen from its slot and start writing instantly on the black screen. It’s super convenient and I can say that it’s definitely the fastest way to write down important notes on any mobile device available currently.

These notes can then be saved into the notes app to be revisited at a later time.

Next up, Bixby.

You may have heard about how sucky Bixby was when it came along with the announcement of the Galaxy S8. Well, I kinda agree with you but when I got the Note 8 recently, I realized that Bixby has become a lot smarter in a very different way.
It’s definitely not as smart as Google Assistant or Siri when it comes to acquiring information but it can do one thing really well. So well that all the other digital assistants fail to even be on par.

We can use Bixby to perform a chain of tasks on the phone by just using your voice. Tasks that we usually do on the phone like taking a photo and sending to friends, or even searching for a youtube video by your favorite Youtuber. Bixby can do these complicated tasks easily which Siri fails terribly.

See how I ask Bixby to do a complicated task in the short video demo below:

Amazing right!?

OKOK third feature here we go! Live Messages.

Since the Note 8 comes with a pen, Samsung has actually added a new feature that wasn’t available on previous Note devices. Live Message is basically a feature that allows us to write or draw customized messages on a blank or photo background.
These messages can then be sent to any messenger apps that you use and they will appear as GIF images on the recipient side. Definitely one of the most fun thing to do with your loved ones. Just whip out your couple photo and start drawing little hearts on it. Your girlfriend or boyfriend will definitely smile when they receive it.

See my demo below.

OK, the most amazing feature that I want to share with you is the Camera.

Yes, we all know the Note 8 can take portrait photos with blurred background. But did you know that every portrait shot you take comes in 2 versions? One is the usual portrait photo with blurred background and one is a wide angle version of the same photo. This is achieved by utilizing both back cameras to capture the same photo at the same time.

This means you have the freedom to pick either a normal wide shot or a sophisticated portrait shot to share on your social media profiles.

Below is the example. I took ONE shot of my friend Victor and the Note 8 captured 2 versions of it; Wide and Portrait.

So there you go! 4 features on the Note 8 then even Apple’s best device cannot achieve.
Actually when you think of it, literally no other phones out there can do any of these features above.

See photos I took on my Instagram:

But as they say, with great features, comes great physical size. LOL

The Galaxy Note 8 is a giant phone. Even with my large hands, I could barely handle it without fearing that I will drop it one day. So if you are looking to buy the Galaxy Note 8, I advice you to check it out and feel it properly first to see if you can handle the 6.3 inches of pure AMOLED display.

Oh by the way, TricycleTV actually made a video on something very similar to this topic. Check it out if you have the time:

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