Apple recently published a new ad for Apple Music and it features their latest new preferred personality, James Corden. The ad is so funny and good that I watched it twice.

I mean, you know it’s good when James Corden’s in it.


The ad was first seen during the Emmys and now they have posted it on their Youtube channel. The ad takes on a very different approach in promoting their music service and features the big guys from Apple as well.

As seen in the video alongside James are Jimmy Iovine, Eddy Cue, and Bozoma Saint John.

Instead of telling you in your face how good is Apple Music, they injected the features into some comical scenes played by James and guess what, there’s a cameo by Pharrell too!

Here’s the ad:

OK to be honest, the ad is awesome cos one of the mimics were of the Spice Girls! 🙂

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