The iPhone 7 Plus comes with 2 camera lenses, both 12MP with f1.8 aperture. It is able to take 56mm focal length photos using one of the lenses. This is all great. Especially when you hear how Apple introduced it during the keynote.

The iPhone has been known to take great photos and I am putting my hopes very high when it comes to the iPhone 7 Plus.

Just this morning, Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing chief shared a link on Twitter which redirects to an article by Outside entitled “The Year’s Best New Adventure Camera? The Apple iPhone 7 Plus.”.
The article features 17 outdoor adventure photos taken by photo journalist and associate editor of Outside Magazine Jakob Schiller.

Before sharing my thoughts, here are some of the photos:

The photos look super good, although it would be best if they shared the full res version but from these shots, I can see that the iPhone 7 Plus is able to capture colours perfectly, with the ability to bring out shadows of objects when there is strong backlight.

What I did not expect though, is that these photos look oversharpen. iPhone photos are known for looking natural and carry colours and lighting that mimics what the eye can see. These photos here are totally the opposite. (Refer to photo no.1)

Apart from that, the camera seems to over expose objects making them too bright, burning the highlights totally. (Refer to photos 3 and 4).

Lets just hope that these photos were manually sharpened before being publish because if these are the kind of photos that come out from the iPhone 7 Plus, I might not even want to use it to take photos at all.

What do you think?

Phil’s Tweet.

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