So just few hours ago, Apple sent out invitations to the media inviting them to the highly anticipated iPhone event, taking place on the 7th of September 2016.

The invitation visual features colourful bokeh along with a line that says “See you on the 7th”. As all tech inclined people would know, these invitations usually do carry along some hints on the products that they are announcing.


This one is no exception whereby the hint is quite obvious. Bokeh in photography is often tied to having big aperture openings in cameras, allowing more light to be captured by the sensor. To achieve bokeh effects, the device should be equipped with small aperture numbers, for example, f1.7, f1.9, etc.

So I can say that the new iPhones will be equipped with bigger apertures, most probably f1.9 as the iPhone 6s has an aperture of f2.2.

By focusing on photography, this also means that the rumours about dual lens system might just come true. Huawei and LG have already implemented this dual lens technology on their latest devices like the Huawei P9 and the LG G5. So it’s actually not surprising if we do see double camera lenses appearing at the back of the upcoming iPhone.

Next, is the number 7. (Yes we all know that the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 7)
Traditionally, Apple iPhone events have always been on a Tuesday (US time) but this year, it’s on a Wednesday. Why? Cos it’s the 7th…. of September.

While we are on this topic, here’s a list of rumours about the iPhone 7 that we have been hearing a lot recently:
– Dual-lens camera
– Removal of 3.5mm earphone jack
– Cleaner antenna lines at the back
– May come in 2 new colours: Space Black / Deep Blue

Now do note that the iPhone 7 will look very very very similar to the iPhone 6s design so if you are looking for a radical change in appearance, then maybe you should wait for the 2017 release.

Having saying all these, you can catch the LIVE STREAM of the iPhone announcement event via this link:

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