Just today, Xiaomi announced their new flagship device called ‘Mi A1’ and it comes with the tagline “Created by Xiaomi, powered by Google.”


The smartphone comes with a 5.5″ 1080p display and a full metal body but those are not the focus here. The company highlights the new dual camera intensively for this device as the system comes with a second camera that provides optical 2x zoom and is able to take portrait photos with blurred background.

At this point, you might be thinking ‘the outlook and camera system on the A1 looks and sounds very very familiar’.
Well, you are right. It resembles the iPhone 7 Plus almost completely and they are actually making it obvious. Here’s a tweet by Mi.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 11.03.01 PM
Link to this Tweet: https://twitter.com/xiaomi/status/904963257038815233

From the sample photos shared by Xiaomi, the dual cameras look quite promising. Here are 2 shots taken using the Mi A1. One scenery, one portrait.



But then again, people always say that ‘what’s inside is more important than looks’. Which I kinda agree in this case.
The Mi A1 comes with 64GB internal storage with 4GB of RAM and has all some really neat features and specs that we cannot find on other devices in this price range.
Oh by the way, the M1 will cost 14,999 INR… that’s about RM997.


Remember the tagline that comes with the phone? Well, it basically means the A1 is running pure stock Android, exactly how Google wants you to experience their mobile OS. This also means that users will get unlimited photo storage on Google Photos, something only Pixel and Nexus users get.


The Mi A1 also comes with a feature that has long been missing in smartphones; IR Blaster. It’s basically an infra-red output which, with the support of apps, can be used to control and manipulate home appliances like the TV, air-conditioners, speakers and more. This means, you can ditch your remote controllers once you have this Mi A1.

The device will be made available on September 12 in these countries below:


So are you planning to get one?

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