So Xiaomi announced their new flagship smartphone today which is an improved version of the one they announced just a few months ago.

The Mi MIX 2S now comes with AI dual camera with 1.4μm pixels for low light photography, and Dual Pixel technology for fast autofocusing.

Just like before, the Mi MIX 2S comes in 2 colours; black and white. Powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, it gives up to 30 percent higher performance and up to 30 percent lower power consumption.

If you know the Mi MIX 2, you will feel that the 2S looks and feel very familiar. The only obvious change happens at the back. The dual cameras are now placed vertically just like the iPhone X.

Apart from being a mimic of the iPhone X camera placements, the photos taken using the Mix 2S are supposedly better, especially in low light and focusing. DxOMark, the leading and trusted source in the industry for camera and lens image quality actually rates the Mi MIX 2S a 101 in photo category.

Here are some shots I took using the 2S today. Click to enlarge.

Photo taken using Auto mode.

This one was taken using the AI mode. With AI scene detection, the camera can intelligently optimize the image after it has been taken.

According to Xiaomi, the portrait mode has been improved as well. You be the judge 🙂

Mi MIX 2S also now comes with it’s own AI voice assistant called ‘XiaoAi’. It basically combines the expertise of Siri, Google Assistant and Bixby to cover six categories with nearly a hundred voice commands. Users can remotely control their smart home appliances, or find a photo based on location or time, with just a simple voice command BUT.. it’s currently only available in China because.. you guessed it. XiaoAi speaks mandarin.


Starting from RMB3299 (around RM2,050), Mi MIX 2S will be available in China from 3 April onwards and will make its way to selected global markets at a later date.

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